"When I write lyrics, and also when I’m performing onstage, I drink a lot of wine. I’ll use it as a crutch. It helps loosen my grip on the insecurities of just being a human being in the world. It allows me a little courage in a weird way to do it, and to write about unflattering, weird, little corners of my brain."


The movie poster of Amelie by Sara Lindholm.

Left Hand Free


Wolfgang Tillmans: Freischwimmer 83, 2005

Sharon Jane.

-Visual Artist, Digital


Aerial Landscapes by Emmet Gowin



my fave line in step is “the truth is she doesnt need me to protect her” like hell no she doesnt ezra wears pants covered in tiny bears and fucking barbar the elephant jackets what are u gonna protect her from bruh

You're So Dark
Arctic Monkeys


You’re So Dark by the Arctic Monkeys